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Thinking Strategically About Your Career

Thinking Strategically about Your Career

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topQuote I continue to invest in this program because I feel it is money well spent. My people get practical, no-nonsense, real-world advice from an experienced CEO, delivered in a manner that is easy to understand and consume. Every year when I renew the membership, I get emails from throughout my organization thanking me for supporting the program, and reinforcing the value people get from it – how it helps to make people more effective and more motivated. botQuote

Paul Avenant
Sr. Vice President of Solutions, BMC Software

topQuoteBeing a member has helped me clearly identify the value I provide to the business and clearly communicate that value to others. These improved skills enabled me to take on more responsibility and land a new job that is the most rewarding of my career so far. botQuote

Kathy Haselmaier
HP WW Software Supply Chain

topQuoteI love Patty’s membership program because I get great coaching plus the ability to go back and listen to dozens of highly useful webinars. If you want to achieve more success in your career, you owe it to yourself to become an Azzarello Group Member. botQuote

Steve Diamond
Sr. Director